Paragliding in the Clouds

Experience paragliding with a professional pilot and enjoy the bird’s eye view of the majestic hills.

INR 6450

Available in Mumbai & Pune

Happy Scary House

Take someone to a scary house and cut a surprise cake with the ghosts inside.

INR 2150

Available only in Hyderabad

Lunch Box

Send your loved one in Hyderabad a nostalgic lunchbox with ghar ka khaana cooked by a mother.

INR 1650

Available only in Hyderabad

The Balloon Fest

Fill your loved one’s room with nostalgia and color by hanging pictures from floating balloons.

INR 4950

Available in Bangalore & Hyderabad

Escape Hunt

Take your loved one on a treasure hunt and surprise them with an extraordinary gift in the end.

INR 2750

Available only in Hyderabad

Under the Starry Sky

Enjoy a romantic dinner on your very own private terrace at a 5-star hotel In Hyderabad.

INR 9450

Available only in Hyderabad
Surprise your girlfriend with a big banner

15 Feet of Happiness

A 15-feet long banner with a custom message so big, that it can be read from outer space (almost).

INR 2900

Available across India

Poolside at Sterlings

A romantic and memorable experience made special with a handcrafted menu designed to delight your loved one.

INR 7450

Available only in Bangalore

Dinner in the Arabian Sea

Fancy a romantic dinner for 2 on your very own private yacht? Welcome aboard.

INR 14900

Available only in Mumbai

Flower Shower

Go Bollywood with your surprise by showering flower petals for 5 whole minutes on your loved one/s.

INR 8450

Available only in Hyderabad
Surprise with big fat gift

Big Fat Gift

If a small gift is enough to delight a person, then imagine a giant gift box outside their doorstep!

INR 6900

Available only in Hyderabad

My Private Chopper

The best way to take your loved one to cloud 9, quite literally!

INR 13500

Available only in Mumbai

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