5 Senses


Surprise details

  • INR 1890

    (Inclusive of taxes and our love)


  • Minimum delivery time - 4 days

  • Available across India

  • For quicker delivery/more details,
    call +91 40 30883923.

Surprise Description

– When you love someone a lot, say it with a set of 5 beautiful gifts – each designed for one of their senses.

– Each steel box is 4 inches (w) X 2.5 inches (h) in size.

– The gifts are:

HEAR: A small bell with a message which says ‘ring this for a kiss.’
SEE: 5 pics of both of you together. The pics can be shared in the order form after the payment page.
TASTE: 10 heart-shaped homemade milk chocolates.
FEEL: A bottle filled with bath salt.
SMELL: Potpourri with 2 scented candles.

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