Happily Ever After


Surprise details

  • 1,250

    (Inclusive of taxes and our love)


  • Minimum delivery time - 3 days

  • Available across India

  • For quicker delivery/more details,
    call +91 40 30883923.

Surprise Description

– Know someone for whom one gift is simply not enough? Surprise them with a tower of 3 gifts handcrafted to make their special day a little extra happy.

– You can choose from one of the 3 message options. Choice can be made in the order form after the payment page:

  • You’re the Sweetest
  • Happily Ever After
  • Marry Me Again

The 3 gifts include:

– Five polaroid fridge magnets customised with your favourite pics

– Ten handmade milk chocolates

– A romantic deed legally binding your loved one to always indulge in acts of romance.

Here’s a sample of the content on the deed:

Both the parties hereby agree to enter into a contract to be each other’s better half commencing on the date of this contract and to continue henceforth for an indefinite period. This legally abides both the parties to indulge in silly acts of romance, remember every special date and go on lots of vacations together.

Any violation of the agreed terms and conditions will deem the erring party guilty and put him/her under lawful obligation to compensate in cash, kind or diamond rings.

This agreement may be terminated only upon prior written notice of no less than thirty 30 years.


– Size of each box: 3 X 3 X 3 inches.

– The chocolates are edible upto 6 months if refrigerated.

– The pictures can be shared in the order form after the payment page.

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