Letter from Hogwarts


Surprise details

  • INR 590

    (Inclusive of taxes and our love)

  • Minimum delivery time - 3 days

  • Available across India

  • For quicker delivery/more details,
    call +91 40 30883923.

Surprise Description

– When your loved one still complains that they haven’t heard from Hogwarts yet, this is the perfect surprise for them.

– With the letter that is personally addressed to them, they also get a list of all they will require for their first school year and a ticket for the Hogwarts Express.

– Surprise them with this and rest assured they will flaunt it for the rest of their lives.


– Your loved one’s name will be mentioned on the envelope as well as the letter. You can share the name in the order form after the payment page.

– The envelope is sealed with wax for an authentic letter-opening experience.

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