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  • Available across India

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Surprise Description

– There was once a time when photo frames used to be the obvious choice of a gift. Even today, a real photo still holds a charm Facebook tags never can.

– Make the good old idea of gifting photo frames surprisingly special by using his/her photographs in the first letter of his/her name.

– A unique present that will always have a special place, not just in their homes.

– You can choose any alphabet from A to Z. The alphabet and pictures can be shared in the order form AFTER the payment page.


– Approximate size: 10 x 10 inches (without glass).

– Depending on the alphabet, 8 to 10 photos will be used.

– You can opt for the photos to be in colour or black & white.

– Printed on a 6 mm board and cut in the shape of the alphabet.

– Framed with a 1.25” black frame.

– Pictures can be uploaded in the order form after the payment page.

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