Stuck On You


Surprise details

  • 950

    (Inclusive of taxes and our love)

  • Minimum delivery time - 4 days

  • Available across India

  • For quicker delivery/more details,
    call +91 40 30883923.

Surprise Description

– Turn your fridge into a carousel of memories with these really unique magnets customised with pictures of your choice. And when you make newer and better memories to share, you can also easily change the pictures yourself in future.

– What’s more? The box is complemented with a rewritable marker you can use to doodle on your magnet.

– The box includes:

  • 5 magnets customised with the pictures you share with us
  • 1 tiny marker pen of a random color
  • 1 miniature duster
  • 5 pictures can be uploaded by you in the order form after the payment page.

– Approximate size of each magnet: 2 inches X 1.5 inches

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