10 Done-To-Death Gifts Not To Give This Diwali

1. Let’s start with the biggie. No firecrackers, please. Our ears are still bleeding from last year.

Get your loved ones a real flower pot instead. Check it out here.


2. Clothes. Blech. How is everything auntyji gets you always 3 sizes too big?


3. Store bought ghee laden laddoos. Also, diabetes muft muft muft!

We’ve got nothing against sweets, really. We love us some slightly healthier, clarified butter-free chocolates you can get here.


4. The golden wristwatch. We’ve got smartphones now that can tell us the current time in any remote country!


5. Vouchers from e-retailers. All the big bazillion sales are over so I’ll buy myself this ummm USB cable? That’s handy, right?


6.  Poker sets. Please also feel free to sign everybody up for Gamblers Anonymous.


7. Dry fruits. You know nobody eats the figs, right?

If your vote is for choco chip cookies too, check them out here.


8. Perfumes. How does anyone not realise this is more of a hint than a gift?


9. The Ganesh idol. There’s a reason our puja rooms are packed to bursting already.


10. Silver coins. How about a silver goblet? Or a badass silver sword? Or anything but a tiny coin?


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