10 Gifts To Make Your Valentine Laugh Out Loud

1. Do you really want to pull your valentine’s leg? Have them open a beautifully wrapped box to find a potato inside.

funny valentines day gifts for girlfriend


2. When they’ve said “nothing” every single time you ask them what they want for a gift, get them a jar of exactly that.

funny valentines day gifts for loved ones

Book this really funny valentines day gift for your loved one.


3. To set off that absolute firecracker in your life, you’re going to need chocolatey pataka for sure.


4. For all the times they bragged they’re a superhero for managing to open a jar, they need an epic portrait of them as Iron Man.

funny portrait as valentines day gift for boyfriend

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5. Do you know that one thing about them you always make fun of them for? Get a hilariously written love letter praising that quality.

funny love letter for girlfriend, funny love letter for girlfriend

Whether she’s a diehard SRK fan or he gobbles everything sweet in sight, the letters here are customized for it.


6. Does your valentine love wordplay? Then they’ll totally love these punny cards.

funny valentines day gift for girlfriend

Book this really funny valentines day surprise for your girlfriend.



7. This is more of a survival kit for you. Get these customized boxes that hold gifts for whatever their mood – from angry to naughty.

customized gifts for valentines day

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8. If your valentine is someone who has planned every detail for the next 50 years, show them you have too.

amazing surprise for valentines day

Including exactly when both of you win a reality TV show and retire rich. Get it here.


9. If this doesn’t make him or her literally LOL, nothing will.

funny surprises and gifts for boyfriend

Find out more about this really funny gift for your boyfriend.



10. Make way for a strip dance to a nursery rhyme and more with a naughty board game. More than just laughs ahead *wink wink*.

funny valentines day gift for boyfriend



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