10 Indian Proposals Guaranteed To Make You Cry

1. You have to groove to win a desi girl’s heart. Check out our “hero” who arranged a Bollywood musical at Georgetown.




2. Got two left feet? Then serenade her with a song and watch everyone in the room grow jealous.


3. We’ve watched enough Hugh Grant movies to know airport scenes are always the most romantic. Watch what happened at LAX.


4. You know the girl is special when you throw a bhangra party in the city square.


5. Or go the nostalgic route. Watch him trace their whole lives together in this super cute video.


6. If that’s not your style, how about a bigger badass production? This movie certainly had a thrilling climax.


And even better – this was a Valentine’s Day proposal! *bursts into tears of joy for the happy couple*


7. Take it to a whole new level. And by that we mean up in the air!


You can get a private flight for a proposal of your own. Check it out here.


8. An Indian wedding, isn’t just the marriage of 2 individuals but 2 families. This amazing family proposed to the bride on his behalf!


9. To leave her dumbstruck, sometimes you have to do the unexpected. Like a dance performance to all her favourite son in Gurgaon!


10. For every girl who dreamed of being a princess – watch one princess’ dream come true at Disneyland!



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