10 Indians Who Are Truly Excited To Netflix And Chill

1. Narendra Modi

He no longer has to travel abroad to watch the latest season of Arrested Development.


2. Tinder sapiosexuals

They can now legitimately use “Netflix and chill” when they ask you to hook up.


3. Ekta Kapoor’s MILs

Lessons of manipulation from Kevin Spacey in House of Cards can now be streamed in HD.


4. Engineering students across the nation

They can ban porn but they can’t ban Game of Thrones, can they?


5. The Airtel 4G girl

Someone might finally pay for 4G when they want to watch season finales in Ultra HD. Right? Right, guys?


6. Pirated Windows users who don’t shell out for anti-virus software either

Don’t have to deal with fake download links no more.


7. Arvind Kejriwal

He’ll let you stream the Ridiculous 6 on dates that are odd too!


8. Priyanka Chopra
Once she convinces  Netflix to get streaming rights for Quantico, someone in India might actually watch it. 


9. Alok Nath

He’s hoping they let him read the “viewer discretion advised” slide before every movie you stream when your parents aren’t home.


10. Anupam Kher

He can tweet about how Netflix is anti-national and be relevant for about 5 minutes again.


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