10 Modern Day Love Letters You Have To Get Your Valentine

1. Make your love letter so cheesy that your valentine will burst out laughing! Get personalised letters for everyone from computer geeks to Bollywood addicts.

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2. Whether you’re about to tie the knot or did ages ago, it’s never too late to write your own non-Sanskrit vows.

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(Which can include “I love you, honey but one more wet towel on the floor and I’ll kick you out.) Know more about this amazing valentines day surprise for your loved one.


3. If there are 100 reasons why you love your valentine, isn’t it time they knew all of them? And from the old-timey kettle too.

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4. You leave each other voice notes saying “I love you” all the time. Now get a framed sound transcript of it as a romantic reminder.

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5. Does your valentine love word play? Then they’re going to otterly adore these punny cards!

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6. If he or she likes having pictures on their desk, get this miniature easel with different photographs and a message from you on each.

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7. For something more unconventional try a 15-feet long banner that nobody can say no to!

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8. If you’re thinking, “That’s cute but I’d like something bigger” – how about a hoarding in the city your valentine definitely can’t miss?

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Bokk this experience for valentines day.


9. And if you like the size but want another venue, just go on a movie date and have a message displayed on the 70mm screen.

message in movie theater, valentines day surprise for boyfriend

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10. For something more private and definitely out of a movie – get these customised placards for a love letter that can only end in happy tears. :’)

romantic customized love letter

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That moment when it’s all just sooo cute and you want all of it and you’re so in love and blussshhh!


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