10 Signs You Are A Pani Puri Addict

1. You go out on an errand and end up at a pani puri stall. Always.

2. You know the best pani puri shops in the city. And all of them pani puri waalas know you.
3. Date night is incomplete without taking your SO to your favourite pani puri waala.
4. Betting is bad. Except when it’s a golgappa eating bet. You know you’ll win hands down.
5. You tell yourself you’re going to try something else at the chaat shop today. Then end up eating 3 plates of pani puri because YOLO.
6. Sukha puri is your birthright and you shall have it.
   Bhaiya, ek aur sukha puri dena? Pliss.
7. You dont need no fancy drink to wash down your pani puri. The yummy imli and pudina flavoured water will do.
8. You don’t care for people who say it’s unhygienic and unhealthy. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.
9. Birthday treat? Comfort food because your team lost the match? Finally passed that exam? Pani puri is always the answer.
10. All this pani puri talk has woken up the true-blue addict in you and you just need to pop one in your mouth. Right now.
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