10 Things That Instantly Bring Out The Child In You

1. When a kid hands over a toy phone, no matter who you are, you answer it.

 “Yes, this is President of the Candy Factory speaking.”


2. Eating cotton candy and ripe mangoes in the summer. Nobody can do it like you, Katrina.

 Not even Katy Perry.


3. Even when you’re old enough to smoke real ones, nothing will make you feel as cool as posing with this.

4. When the watchman finally isn’t present at the kid’s park.

 Free pass to the swings!


5. You know you’ve always wanted to steal this from your niece.


6. Because when there’s bubble wrap nobody can pop just one. Nobody!


7. Because Bollywood’s heroines aren’t the only ones who can dance in the rain.

 Or have paper boat races, FYI.



9. The sight of wrapped presents.

 “Aaaalll for me? Reeeally?”


10. And finally, joining in when the kids are at galli cricket or hopscotch!

 Let’s show them how childhood is really done.