10 Things To Make Your Long Distance Love Go Awww


1. Sometimes the distance is just the length of a string that connects the two of you.



2. A mixtape of “our songs” with maybe a couple more of your personal  favourites that he or she definitely needs to listen to. And love. There’s no choice there really.



3. Care packages with all the goodies they can ever ask for are all the rage. For a reason.



4. You know what’s more romantic than a handwritten love letter? A handwritten love letter that’s a message in a bottle



5. Distance seriously cuts down cuddle time. Send your loved one your T-shirt sprayed just a tad with your perfume/cologne to snuggle with at night.



6. Surprise visits are the best ever and it becomes even better if you can deliver yourself at his/her front door in a gift box. Seriously.



7. What sucks most about LDRs is that they aren’t around when you really, really need them to be. And we’ve got just the thing to solve that problem.



8. Whisk your sweetheart away on a holiday to some romantic destination. Or bring the romantic destination to your living room.



9. Get a musician to play your loved one their favourite song. What says I miss you more than a guitarist at the door singing “Wish you were here”?



10.Transform Skype night into date night. Wine and a movie and a fancy dinner. Romantic much?



Because you know no matter how far, they’re still the only one for you. You can pick up a whole bunch of these gifts for that person who makes you smile by clicking here.