10 Ways To Make A Capricorn Fall Head Over Heels For You

1. Getting a Capricorn to like you is not easy. You’ve got to deserve it. So first task – clean up a bit, update that resume and make yourself more appealing.

2. You’d think that’s enough but they are all about constant self-development and improvement. If you want to be in their lives, get ready to be a better person with new skills.

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3. You can always approach them with a problem and they’ll be more than happy to help. Let them micromanage for a bit and you’ll be rewarded.


4. A key characteristic of the Capricorn is their sense of responsibility but that doesn’t mean they don’t love fun. Plan a day to unleash their inner child and they’ll surprise you!

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5. Do not underestimate their love for organising – from your work desk to your life, they will want to clutter-free it all. You can help by following the schedule they drew up to a T.


6. A Capricorn will take charge when things are even slightly not OK. Win brownie points by planning every last detail so they can sit back for once and enjoy being pampered.

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7. Don’t ever suggest that they take their career lightly. Especially if you value your life.


8. Capricorns are not your usual romantics. They take a long time to open up. Making sure they know you’ll always be around is a way to reassure them.

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9. Smart, loyal and patient – they will want the same qualities in a partner too. Once you’ve made them distrust you, it’s all over.

10. You have to truly put in every effort to woo and court the Capricorn. But at the end of the day, it’s always more than worth it!

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