10 Ways To Make A Scorpio Fall Head Over Heels In Love

1. A Scorpio is the most focussed person you will ever meet. A special date planned in advance (to fit their schedule) will always be a winner.

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2. Being brave and quite a bit of a daredevil comes naturally to them. Don’t settle for the hike in the easy hills if you can get them a Fat Bob to ride away from the city.

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3. Scorpios are fun but never immature. If you’re dating one, make sure you have enough interesting things about you to hold their attention.


4. Skip the sugar coating and tell them as it as. They’re so intuitive they can practically read minds at this point.


5. They are the most loyal people you will ever meet. Remind them how great it is that they always have your back.

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6. Ambitious is another word for Scorpio so it takes effort to really impress them. A private flight ride will win over another walk in the park any day.

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7. We’ve all heard that Scorpios are possessive but they only hold on to things that really, really matter. Show them the same level of commitment and you’re in.

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8. They can also be quite secretive. You can’t hold back if you’re trying to get them to open up to you.

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9. Even elephants can’t compete with Scorpios in the memory department. If you forget a special occasion, there will be hell to pay.

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10. Scorpios are the most amazing people to have in your life. So next time you see them, just give them a big hug!


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