11 Adorable Birthday Surprises For Your Boyfriend That He Will Cherish For A Lifetime.

1. Is he crazy about big wheels? Then a Harley waiting at your boyfriend’s doorstep would be the best birthday surprise ever.

harley davidson surprise on boyfriend's birthday

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2. Throw a surprise party for your boyfriend in the company of ghosts in an actual scary house.

scary house surprise for boyfriend

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3. Even better, if your boyfriend is a cricket buff, throw a party in the form of a friendly T20 match with his friends in an actual stadium.

cricket match surprise for boyfriend

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4. Convince your boyfriend to go on a long drive, and plan a surprise in the trunk of your car.

long drive surprise for boyfriend

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5. Thank the stars for having the most amazing relationship, by sponsoring lunch to 100 underprivileged kids on your boyfriend’s birthday.

lunch for unprivileged kids on boyfriend's birthday

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6. Treat your boyfriend to a short fling with a Porsche 911 4S on his birthday.

awesome surprise on boyfriend's birthday

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7. Hire a private flash mob to dance to your boyfriend’s favorite tunes and wish him birthday in the most extraordinary way.

flash mob surprise on boyfriend's birthday

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8. Take your boyfriend in a private aircraft and unfold a 70-feet huge banner with a birthday message on the ground.

banner surprise on boyfriend's birthday

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9. Or go scuba diving with your boyfriend, and wish him birthday on a placard underwater.

awesome birthday surprise for boyfriend

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10. Reserve an entire movie theater and watch all his favorite movies one after the other.

movie surprise for boyfriend

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11. End your boyfriend’s birthday with the perfect romantic dinner date by the waterfall.

romantic dinner surprise for boyfriend

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