11 Reasons You Should Fall Insanely In Love With A Gemini

1. Restless spirits, Geminis are always on the road to a new adventure. Want excitement? Just hop on!

2. They want to experience EVERYTHING life has to offer because they’re insatiably curious about the world

Wake up to something new every day with a Gemini by your side


3. And try not to go awww whenever they play with the stray puppies on the street or buy Chotu a meal

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4. They’re smart as a whip and fast learners so keeping up with them is a very rewarding challenge

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5. Geminis go through their lives looking for the person that makes them feel complete. And you know they’ll mean it when they say “better half”

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6. Nobody is immune to their charm and they can make conversation with your Naani, boss, and best friend no problem


7. Geminis are looking for someone who can match their intellect and energy because they are a passionate lot

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8. Family and friends form the centre of their world and they will go to great lengths for them

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9.  A Gemini isn’t someone who is satisfied by routine. They’ll shake things up and make everything more fun just by being around

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10. They’re not going to cling to you and will leave enough breathing room for both of you to be truly individual and equal partners

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11. Here’s to the wild, wicked smart, and beautiful people Geminis are!



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