11 #RelationshipGoals As Told By Deepika And Ranveer

1. You have your private jokes nobody else will ever get. Or find funny.


2. Being silly 5-year olds together is practically mandatory at this point


3. All your friends are convinced you’re the perfect couple. And damn right, you are.


4. Your Instagram is the definition of #RelationshipGoals


5. You have pretend fights all the time just so you can hear them tell you how much they love you



6. And they’re the first person you go to when something happens – whether it’s about a sad puppy you once saw or your boss being mean

They always know how to make it better. Personalise those chocolates and cupcakes next time here.


7. You can brighten up each other’s day by just being around


8. “Hey baby, want to Netflix and chill? đŸ˜‰” – just when you have that super important meeting


Sigh, they’re your favourite bad habit.


9. And they always manage to surprise you with thoughtful gifts, you don’t know how you don’t literally *melt*

You should step up your game and get gifts for that diehard romantic from here.


10. You’ve gone through a whole bunch of things together but are still here, side by side


11. You know there’ll be no other person as crazy and awesome custom-made just for you!


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