11 Things Every Daddy’s Girl Knows To Be True

1. Whether you’re 16 or 60, you’ll always proudly claim your title of “daddy’s little girl”


2. “My daddy strongest” and anyone who disagrees with it should be willing to duel to death

3. Your mom was the strict parent and your dad the fun one

And now you’re wondering if they played you with the classic ‘good cop, bad cop’ technique…


4. Your standards in men are much, much higher than average thanks to the bar set by Papa


5. And nobody could ever tell you “you throw/fight/breakdance like a girl” because your dad taught you everything

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6. Even when you were a kid you knew you could do anything boys can do


7. ‘Fearless’ is your middle name because dad’s got your back – at the PTA meeting in school or a broken heart later

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8. Dad jokes are hilarious! And you can never tell why other people are not laughing as hard


9. Even when you fight, you can’t be mad at each other for long because you need to be a team to take on tindey ki sabzi


10. Bad day? He can make it better instantly. Also, he’s got tons of stories from the good ol’ days

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11. Because no matter who you become and how far you go, Daddy will always be your No. 1 hero!


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