11 Unique Gifts For Men To Buy Online In Hyderabad

1. Does he love desserts? Spend an afternoon eating unlimited cupcakes with him.


2. Treat 100 underprivileged kids to a delicious meal and celebrate a special day by spreading smiles.




3. Love someone – show it every day with a new doodle or express it with words on your personal little blackboard.

I love you because



4. Plan a surprise in the trunk of your car to turn a long-drive into an unforgettable one.


Thumbnail (1)


5. Bring alive your romance again with this romantic hamper of sweet and witty gifts.




6. Cut a cake and find a gift inside it – a brand new twist to an age-old celebration.




7. Send a professional guitarist to his or her doorstep and make the special day a little extra special with a musical surprise.




8. Spell the name of your loved ones with their pictures and make a simple collage seem like so much more.




9. A 15-feet long banner with a custom message so big, that it can be read from outer space (almost).




10. You have dedicated songs on the radio. Now dedicate an entire radio show to someone!



11. Send a happiness messenger home with a bunch of messages customized specially for your loved one.



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