11 Ways To Make a Sagittarian Fall Head Over Heels In Love With You

1. Sags are one of the most charming signs out there. Remember to bring your A game to match their wit and you’ll have their attention.


2. They are the life of every party and people naturally gravitate to them. Set yourself apart by doing something unique.

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3. Sags are allergic to drama. Had a misunderstanding? Skip the over the top declarations of love and slip in messages in bottles.

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4. They are also the first to forgive but don’t take that for granted because they will leave the moment they don’t feel valued.

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5. The most loyal friends you can ever have are Sags and they value fairness in people. Pro tip : Don’t bribe a cop in front of them.


6. If adventure isn’t their middle name, it’s adrenaline. The perfect date definitely involves thrill.

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7. The centaurs of course have a special equestrian connection. How about a bonding session over a horse riding lesson?

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8. Brutal honesty is signature Sagittarius. If you’re at the receiving end just know they’re saying exactly what’s on their mind and it’s (usually) not calculated to hurt you.

9. The explorers of the zodiac will always be up for a trip. You can wake them up at midnight to plan a trip and they’ll have bags packed.

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10. Combine never say die optimism and a shrugging spendthrift-ness and you’ve got a Sag. There’s no bigger turn off than a miser on a night out.

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11. And those of us who are lucky to have these fearless fun philosophers as part of our lives know how truly lucky we are!


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