11 Ways To Make This Karva Chauth Special For Her. All Men Take Note.

1. Fast with her if she’s insistent about following the tradition. She needs a long life too, doesn’t she?


2. If she isn’t the religious type, sneak her a pizza. With extra toppings.


3. Make this a day of indulgence. How about a spa at home?


4. Take care of her chore list too just for the day. Or a week.


5. Ever try your hand at cooking? Well, this is the perfect opportunity.


6. Call in sick to work and get her to do the same. Have a movie marathon!


7. Show her how much she means to you. Skip the jewelry in favor of cute little gifts this time.

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8. When’s the last time she had a girls’ night out? Call her friends and set up a surprise girl date!


9. Give her a foot massage. We won’t take credit for the brownie points you get.


10. Switch off all your devices and play a board game together.

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11. Tell her the gods have certainly answered your prayers because you found the best girl in the world for you.



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