11 Ways To Make Your Bachelorette Party The. Best. Ever.

1. You know you and your friends are going to Instagram the hell out of this so make it picture friendly! You can set up a photo booth or have hilarious “selfie stands”.

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2. Get a professional dancer to give your squad belly dancing lessons. If you’re more adventurous, install a pole and get everybody on it.

You can wear hot costumes 😉


3.  Unleash the inner child in all of you with an old timey sleepover. You don’t know what fun is till you try to paint your BFF’s nails while doing shots.

4. You know all of you want to get wasted. Get a (preferably hot) bartender to give you lessons in mixology and sip on cocktails.

5. Have a psychic / tarot card reader / crystal ball seer to give all of you predictions. The bride to be is the luckiest obviously!


6. Start the party in the morning with a shot of adrenaline. Take a literal plunge sky diving before you take the metaphorical one.

Find out how to go an adventure sports-filled day here.


7. Sounds like too much work? Have a spa day with the girls – phallic-shaped cakes and mimosas included.

Ooh make it a chocolate spa. You can find one here.


8. The classic “Never Have I Ever” drinking game sesh. These are secrets that you can never spill outside this group so go crazy!

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9. What’s a bachelorette without a list of dares for the bride to complete? Yep, it can definitely have flirt with a stranger for a drink on it.


10. PARTY FAVOURS! From cute messages in bottles that your girlfriends can find in dessert jars to customised pamper or hangover kits, have things they’ll hold on to forever.

You can find them here.


11. It’s the day you can make it unapologetically all about you and have your friends join in the fun! Whether you want to eat only ice creams all day or have Brazilian strippers, go forth and enjoy!

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