12 Fictional Objects Your Inner Geek Totally Wants For A Gift

1. Let’s not play games. You know you’ve wanted a lightsaber since you held a spatula and declared yourself for the Rebel Alliance.


2. Prefer fantasy to sci-fi? Then you dreamed of walking into Ollivander’s and having a wand choose you for a wizard or witch.

P.S. You can actually get the entire Hogwarts kit here.


3. A dragon’s egg. You’d totally get married if they gave away dragon eggs as wedding presents.


4. An invisibility cloak. Who needs to be Cipher with one of these bad boys?

Imagine all the umm libraries you could break into?


5. The Batmobile. And after Dawn of Justice, we’re lining it up with kryptonite.


6. An old school genie lamp. You can’t wish for more wishes but nobody’s stopping you from wishing for more genies.


7. The Shaka Laka Boom Boom pencil. You could just draw everything on this list and get it to be real.


8. Controversial choice but the One Ring. All you need is a well-trained mind, a strong will, and great native power to master it so that’s totally you, right?


9. The FLDSMDFR. All the food you can eat raining down! That’s the dream!


10. A Neuralyzer. “You want me to clean my room, Mom?” *zap*


11. The TARDIS. Yes, please let’s pop on over and see what Dickens is up to this evening.


12. Babel Fish. No, wait! Felix Felicis. Or a jetpack. The vortex manipulator! Tricorder! Pokeballs! (Editor’s note: Our writer had a panic attack since she couldn’t restrict the list to twelve so we’re going to stop now.)


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