11 Reasons You Should Fall In Love With A Taurus

1. It’s not that the Taurus loves the good things in life. The good things in life surround them wherever they go.

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2. Perfectly independent, they get what they want by working for it and not relying on help


3. A Taurus is someone who values true friendship over superficial acquaintances. They make friends for life.


4. Walking the extra mile for their loved ones comes naturally to them. Just make sure you appreciate this once in a while.

Even if it’s with a greeting card (that’s actually a-card-in-a-card-in-a-card in a card because fancy Taurus) that you can find here.


5. Of course they’re stubborn. Have you ever seen a Taurus who wasn’t a perfectionist?

It’s because they do it their way, silly.


6. They are fiercely loyal and protective of those they care about. And won’t hesitate a minute to pamper them.

Return the favour occasionally because you know they’d do anything for you. Find amazing pamper gifts here.


7. With a Taurus in your life, you’ll never need a finance professional. Most of what they touch turns to gold.

Seriously, we’re pretty sure they’re the masterminds behind Wall Street.


8. Pragmatic as they may be, they’re still huge softies at heart. Sensitive to a fault – one unintentional word can hurt them.

But good news, they’ll forgive you instantly if you’re sincere. Say sorry with a meaningful gesture here.


9. The Taurus isn’t swayed easily and are the strongest people you’ll meet. Pfft peer pressure, we got principles.

Unless it’s chocolate. Get them every kind there is here.


10. Persistent, courageous, and faithful – they make for partners that Bollywood can only dream of.

Okay, we take that back.


11. Thank you Taurus for being the awesomely amazing people that you are!



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