12 Relationship Secrets To Learn From Couples Living The “Happily Ever-After”

1. You can be mad at them for leaving the wet towel on your bed and yet be madly in love.

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2. Whether it’s a football match he loves or shopping with her at a mall with 50% sale-you’re happy going together.

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3. Saying “I Love You” often – three words that can never be too much!

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4. Go on impromptu weekend vacations.

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5. Cook their favorite meal and light up your home with candles before they get back from work.

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Just in case you burnt the food, you can always get pizza in 30 minutes.


6. Spend the lazy days cuddling up and pampering each other with massages and foot rubs.

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7. Do the craziest things together- like fighting over the last scoop of ice cream?

8. Here’s a BIG one that most of us forget – remind them why you fell in love.

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9. Remembering to pick up mangoes because you love them to making sure the bills are paid on time- Thank them for all!

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10. Take off from work, pack your bags and go on short vacations more often!

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11. Honesty is surely the best policy- share the most important to the silliest moment with him/her.

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12. Be each other’s best friend. Love each other unconditionally.

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Sometimes it really is just that simple.


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