12 Surprises For That Friend Who’s Way Too Obsessed With Their Birthdays.

1. Surprise your friend by filling their room with colorful balloons and pictures, as they wake up on their birthday.

balloons surprise for friend

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2. Because birthdays are incomplete without a cake, get your friend a delicious cake with a unique gift inside it.

birthday cake for friend

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3. Send the world’s biggest gift loaded with colorful balloons and little gifts, to their doorstep.

biggest birthday gift for friend

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4. And if you’re not with your friend, our Eddy Teddy can give the warmest birthday hug on your behalf.

teddy hug surprise for friend

Make your friend feel that it’s the best birthday gift ever by sending a huge teddy.


5. Get your friend excited by sending a professional guitarist to sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song.

birthday song surprise for friend

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6. Before you head out for the birthday bash, surprise your friend by decorating your car’s trunk with pictures, flowers and gifts.

car trunk surprise for friend's birthday

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7. Throw a surprise party for your friend in a scary house and cut the cake with friendly ghosts.

scary house birthday surprise for friend

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8. Or take your friend on a treasure hunt and surprise them with an extraordinary gift in the end.

treasure hunt surprise for friend

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9. There wouldn’t be anything more exciting for them than to receive a larger than life gift that explodes into surprises.

birthday gift for friend

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10. Give your friend a shot at fame by wishing on the 70mm screen, while you watch a movie with them.

movie surprise for friend

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11. Take your friend on a ride of a lifetime in a private hot air balloon and cut the cake hundreds of feet off the ground.

air balloon surprise for friend

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12. Make your friend’s birthday the most memorable by organizing a private flash mob to wish them by dancing to their favorite tunes.

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