12 Things To Never Tell Your Girlfriend

Our biggest sellers are surprises that end with “I love you” and second biggest? “I’m sorry.” Our clients assure us these are things you NEVER tell your girlfriend.


1. “Fine” or even worse, “Whatever, you pick.”

It doesn’t matter if you don’t really have a restaurant or movie in mind, the least you can do is show her you’re enthusiastic about hanging out with her even if it’s your 362nd date.


2. “You bought another pair of shoes/video game/chef knife? How much did it cost this time?”

We’ll answer this for you – way too much. But does it really matter unless she spent ALL her savings on it? It’s her guilty pleasure and now you’ve just put her on the defensive.


3. “Yeah, Ria looked really hot in that saree.”

Even if you’re only answering her question, don’t go overboard with the praise. A very secure levelheaded girlfriend can also get annoyed at this so play it safe.


4. “Your mother/sister/other close family member is really bitchy/stupid/other negative term.”

You cannot insult the people she is close to and then expect her to take your side. Have you never heard of the idiom “love me, love my dog”?


5. “Oh I wasn’t paying attention.”

And this after she just spilled her heart out to you. Yes, sometimes she can rant for hours on end but when you decided to be in a relationship you also signed up to be there and listen.


6. “My ex used to cook for me on Sundays.”

Your ex also set fire to your clothes after you broke up. Comparing your girlfriend to your ex won’t make her change her behaviour, just give her reason to also become your ex.


7. “I don’t know how to do that. My mom always did it for me.”

It’s not cute when an adult can’t take care of himself, especially when he expects the same thing from his girlfriend he did from his mother. The least you can do is show willingness to learn how it’s done.


8. “You’re overreacting.” or “Calm down.”

She’s just going to get more mad. Allow her to finish what she’s saying and then tell her how you feel. That’s how you have rational conversations.


9. “Why stress out about the future when we can enjoy the present?”

Because outlining the future is how you decide to deal with the present. She’s got a life worth thinking about too and knowing if you want to be in it makes a difference.


10. “You don’t get me.”

She’s trying to understand so either explain it to her patiently or don’t bring it up at all. Saying this only makes her question the entire relationship.


11. “Are you really going to eat all that?”

There’s enough pressure on women to look like Jennifer Lawrence. Even if you’re being playful, it comes off as criticism on her weight.


12. And the ultimate – “Is it that time of the month?”



P.S. We still screw up and fighting once in a while is actually healthy. Just make up for it right. Say sorry with a surprise, visit www.oyehappy.com.