13 Things You Can Relate To If You’re A Diehard Chai Addict

1. Nobody is allowed to talk to you before you’ve had your morning cup of tea.



2. You need your chai just the way you like it



3. You can write a peer reviewed article on the benefits of chai… like how it’s the elixir for your soul

4. There’s a tea for every mood and every mood deserves tea

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5. Your world turns upside down if you’ve run out of tea at home

Does anybody care about tea at all?


6. Coffee date? Psh. Make that a chai date and your heart is theirs

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7. You will never, ever reveal the highest number of cups of tea you’ve had in a day


8. You can tell how good the tea is with just a whiff

9. The sound of tea being poured into a glass is literally music to your ears


10. Every chaiwalla in a 3 km radius knows you by name and will automatically give you “special chai”


11. You can’t stand people who want “just a sip” from your cup.



12. You judge people by how much they like chai and how they drink it

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13. For the love of chai, tea is all the goodness it can be



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