14 Things Every Madly In Love Newly Married Couple Should Do

1. Get the adrenaline pumping and go on a date filled with adventure sports. The endorphin rush will last you both through the week

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2. The hectic prep for the wedding is finally over. Treat yourselves to a couple massage at the spa – you definitely deserve it

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3. Ride to the hills and off the beaten track. Give yourselves time to discover new terrain and each other

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4. Watch each other’s favourite movies together all weekend cuddling on the sofa and ahem Netflix and chill. 

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5. Surprise your spouse with a romantic dinner on a weekday and show them that you’re not done dating even when you’re married

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6. Long drives on Sunday evenings singing along to the radio is the perfect antidote to Monday blues

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7. Want to really woo them? Sign up for private salsa classes for just the both of you

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8. It’s never too soon for a second honeymoon. Go sailing on a luxury yacht and sip wine under the stars surrounded by the sea

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9. Show your spouse you have a heart of gold too. Volunteer to feed underprivileged kids a meal together

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10. If he or she’s always loved dogs but you can’t have one at home yet, spend an afternoon playing with the furballs at the local shelter

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11. The stress of keeping up your own home while juggling work getting to you? Get away from the city for the weekend and find a resort to relax

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12. Celebrate every monthly wedding “anniversary” in special ways you’ll always remember and cherish forever

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13. Let your spouse know they’re always on your mind with cute little gestures that will make them smile

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14. But most important of all, remember to say the magic phrases – “thank you”, “please” and “I love you” always


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