15 Incredibly Sweet Ways To Patch Up After A Big Fight

1. Say sorry. And mean it.

Obvious advice but in the heat of the moment, we say things we regret and often don’t up to them.


2. And a BIG part of saying sorry is knowing what you did wrong

So get a journal and write down why you never meant to say or do that thing. Also, a journal makes a great gift.


3. Keep in mind that you hurt the other person to allow them a little time to process


4. Remind them there’s more to you – and the relationship – than the fight. It was only a bump in the road

Find a way to tell your story with pictures of the both of you and messages from here.


5. Also, remind them that you actually care for them. Don’t just say it but show it

You can fix that thing they always complained about. Or pick up her favorite type of chocolates.


6. Take some time off together. After a long day of hiking in the hills, your problems will seem small

Find weekend adventures for couples here.


7. Can’t manage an entire weekend away? Plan a date you know they’ll love

Whether it’s horse riding lessons together or a conversation over wine and candlelight, you can find it here.


8. Make them laugh. Prove that your relationship is stable enough to survive the rollercoaster

Send them a beautifully wrapped pet rock. Seriously, it always works. Find it here.


9. Show them that you picture your future with them in it

Find a map here to mark all the places you’ll visit together. Or get a funny prediction graph of your future together here.


10. Through all of this, you were upset too. Make sure they understand why you were so angry or emotional

Write a good old fashioned postcard. Get customized ones here.


11. Promise them that no matter what, you’ll work at it together as a team

Get your customized 7 sacred vows here.


12. Eat ice cream together. Nothing beats one ice cream with 2 spoons!


Everybody makes mistakes and all it takes is a genuine apology to fix it. Visit www.oyehappy.com for more ideas.