15 Pictures You’ll Relate To If You’re Single This Valentine’s

1. When you’re trying to watch a movie and they have to ruin it with a “happily ever after”



2. When they start playing drinking games



3. When your last single friend finds love



4. When you’re left hanging. Alone.



5. But you still really want to have fun, ya know?



6. When someone starts talking to the cutie you’ve been eyeing all night



7. But you whispered that in your head because in real life you’re more this


8. Because the last time you tried, it did not go well



9. When you convince yourself, it’s for the best really



10. But that other friend bails and you’re stuck being third wheel



11. And suddenly all your high school friends are getting married and having babies and all you’ve got is chips



12. And then you wonder if all the times they told you you’re too picky was actually true



13. When your mum starts slipping that cousin your age who has 3 kids already into conversation



14. When you wonder if it’s actually *gasp* YOU that’s the problem



15. And then you realise that can’t possibly be true because single or not, you’re awesome af



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