15 Things Only A True Foodie Can Relate To

1. The thought of breakfast is the only thing that actually makes you get out of bed every morning.

Parathas or pancakes, you’re up.


2. You need to try every dish on the table. If you could, you’d try everything on the menu.


3. Diet? Ahem. Please.


6. You don’t have a “sweet tooth”. At this point, all your teeth are made of candy.

And that’s why you need all you can eat cupcakes. You can get them here.


4. Hell yeah, you want to travel the world. Let’s skip the Eiffel tower for some Coq Au Vin though.


5. All your friends know who to call when they want to try a new eatery. You’re practically the Gordon Ramsay of the group.


7. You have lots of interests besides food. Like looking up #foodporn on Instagram. And waiting for the next season of MasterChef.


8. Of course, you’re not a food snob! You can totally chill with pizza and beer.

If the pizza is wood fired and the beer is up to mark, naturally. Get unlimited amounts of both at a 5-star here.


9. You bond with people over how much they enjoy their food. No burger? Don’t bother.


10. Adventure is your middle name. You’ll dig into exotic cuisine with questionable ingredients because #YOLO

How else are we supposed to experience culture? Or achieve world peace?


11. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have room for comfort food like Maggi and Ma’s rajma chawal.


12. Sometimes you have doubts about spending all your money on fancy ingredients or going out.

But you make those doubts disappear with chocolate. Psst you can get chocolates for every mood here.


13. At some point, you have stood in line for hours, woken up at ungodly times and stayed up too late – all for food.

It’s always been totes worth it.


14. You have discovered the truth. Food is joy and you love spreading that delicious happiness all around.

You can choose to treat underprivileged kids for lunch here. You know you want to!


15. And the ultimate foodie test. All these food gifs made you hungry and you’re planning your next meal already, aren’t you?



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