17 Secrets Every Happily Married Couple Relate To

1. Saying “Sorry” is never too hard for them. They never sleep over a fight but sort it out before hitting the bed.

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2. And ‘Thank You’ comes as easily too. From remembering to pick up mangoes because you love them to making sure the bills are paid on time, they remember and acknowledge each other’s efforts.

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3. They don’t need an occasion to pamper each other.

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4. Whether it’s binge watching popular TV shows or screaming your lungs out on a long drive- they find joy in little things.

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5. You can be mad at them for leaving the wet towel on your bed and yet be madly in love.

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6. Put in efforts to impress each other- be it cooking her favorite dish or watching a crucial football match with him.

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7. Give each other space. Phew!

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8. Do the craziest things together- like fighting over the last scoop of ice cream or adopting an injured puppy from the streets?

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9. Here’s the most forgotten secret- they always remind each other of the moments of how/why you fell in love.

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10. Be each other’s best friend, first, last and always.

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11. Get tickets for a movie you know they’ll love and make dinner reservations.

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12. Honesty is surely the best policy- they share the most important to the silliest moment with him/her. Best couples are BFFs first.

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13. They make sure that the bedroom remains the epicentre of global warming by sending each other flirty texts, buying lingerie and naughty games.

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14. They don’t forget to give each other time-even if it’s to have dinner together. Unplug all your gadgets and reconnect.

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15. Be your partner’s biggest cheerleader.

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16. Eat together, laugh together and celebrate every moment.

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17. Respect, love, care and cherish every day.

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