8 Things Your Girl Wants You To Do But Will Never Ask For

1. Know when it’s time to hold hands, know when it’s time to hold her waist


2. Acceptance is the key to her heart. Introduce her to your colleagues at the party as your “better half”.

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3. When she whines about her friends ignoring her or her boss, just listen to the rant. Give advice only when asked


4. Stick around and watch her show or movie with her when she needs to be cheered up. Add hot chocolate and you’re the world’s best boyfriend

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5. Surprise her when she least expects it. Pick her up from work and drive straight to a candlelight dinner

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6. Remind her of the day you first met her or that moment you knew she was “the one” just so she knows you treasure those memories too

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7. Involve her in your future plans so she knows the both of you will be standing side by side making dreams come true


8. Genuinely show an interest in meeting her friends and family, the people who are important to her



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