Only soul sisters can throw the best birthday party


Some people are just meant to be. That is how it was with me, Pooja and Janaki. We were like soul sisters or kindred spirits or whatever. I met them when I started my new job and I was just 20 days shy of turning 23. We became inseparable pretty fast. Before proceeding any further, there are a few things I have to say about myself. I absolutely adore balloons. They are just colourful, bubbly, happy things. I also LOVE white roses and absolutely detest their red counterparts. Pooja and Janaki did not at that point know my strange very specific preferences (not that I kept it from them, we just hadn’t gotten around to talking about them yet.)

I had to work on my birthday. I finished my shift at 5.30 and waited for my friends to come so I could hang out with them for a while before heading home. They were surprisingly late and when they did come, they did not seem like they wanted to hang out just then. Reaching home, it seemed like even my family was rather eager to get rid of me. After fooling around for a bit I decided to go take a bath and went to my room. The moment I opened my room, I was nearly knocked over by balloons. Really, it was like a balloon lover’s paradise. I was just processing my balloon filled room when I heard the doorbell ring. It was Pooja and Janaki with a bouquet of white roses. How they had figured everything out I’ll never know. But it is heartwarming to know that there friends who are there to fulfil every stupid little whim and fancy. It was the best birthday surprise ever.