A Birthday Break On A Highway


This was in February 2008. It was my dad’s birthday and we were suppose to go to Shrinathji with my aunt who was here from Mumbai. Every year I do something special for him like throwing him a surprise party but this one I wasn’t sure.

But I wasn’t going to back off. I ordered a cake and had it delivered the previous evening since we were to leave at 5 a.m the next day. I figured I’d pack it in an ice box in the morning. The next day I found that it wouldn’t fit in the box. Even after chipping away at it, which left painful blisters on my palm, it just wouldn’t fit. Finally I managed to get my hands on a thick bag, put the cake container it and surrounded it on all sides with little bags of ice. Mission accomplished at last.

While loading our luggage into the car, my father who was clueless about what I had planned for him, kept insisting that I should leave this bag too in the trunk. Adamant as ever, I refused and placed it securely on my lap.

We started our journey around 6 and by 9 the ice had started to melt. I was worried and asked to stop somewhere. We took a break at a highway hotel. And when everyone was comfortably seated, I went to the car and got the bag. When I returned with the cake and lit candles, my Dad couldn’t have been more surprised.

That was an unforgettable moment for him and for me. I got to see the most beautiful expression on his face – a big smile with tears.

Love you Dad.


– Shital Dani


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