A midnight date


My fiance is a pure vegetarian while I am a borderline carnivore. A lot of people brag about how they ‘transform’ their significant others into non-vegetarians or vegetarians after being with them. I had no desire to change his culinary tastes and I hoped he would give me the same freedom (which he did). When we got engaged, I was studying for my Masters’ degree at a Cathloic institution and staying at the hostel. Hostel food, as most would agree, sucks. One particular day I was so caught up with assignments that all I had time to have during the day was just cups and cups of coffee. By the time I realised I was hungry, it was after six and the curfew had begun. With no option left I made my way to the mess to see the most unappetising food ever to grace the face of this earth. Rotis like rubber sheets and channa that looked like it had been regurgitated. I could have cried. I made my way back to the room and that was when my fiance called. Hunger always makes me sad and I bawled like a baby. I don’t really remember what I put the poor guy through but he managed to console me and soon it was time for lights off in the convent. With a rumbling tummy I went to bed.

Around 11.30 at my phone started ringing again. It was Rahul, my fiance. He asked me to come downstairs and get to the back gate of the hostel. Fuelled by an adrenaline rush, I sneaked down and let myself out through the kitchen door and slipped to the back gate. He was waiting there for me with a packet in hand. The packet had butter chicken and rice in it. My favourite food in the whole wide world. The sweetest thing is that my vegetarian fiance went through all the trouble of buying chicken, finding the recipe and actually cooking it for me. I gorged while he sat next to me. That was and will be the best surprise I’ll ever receive.