20 Anniversary Gifts That Look Expensive But Are Absolutely Affordable

Capitalism has killed the romance they say. And sometimes we couldn’t agree more. Especially when you spend a fortune looking for the perfect gift for your perfect partner and then realize it was not worth it. Why can’t you find anniversary gifts that are original, doesn’t burn your pocket and other people seem to find them so easily?

Quit worrying and get ready to go shopping. Because people, we got you covered on the gift front. Now you just gotta dress up and show up.

Scroll down for affordable anniversary gift ideas for your partner


You’ve Got A Mail

Delight your loved one with a handcrafted gift box with extremely creative goodies approved by Cupid himself! You’ve got mailbox includes a tiny heart in a bottle and 6 miniature postcards with cute messages.

You've got a mail

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Conversation Magnets

Fridge magnets have just become way cooler than any texting app you use. For those of you who love to talk, go wild with these unique conversation magnets. The pair of 2 magnets is customised with 4 photos in each magnet. So while you can scribble whatever you want dozens of times a day, you can also change the photograph whenever you like.

Conversation magnet

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All About You

Know your partner so much that you can write a book on them? If not a book, at least get them a frame professionally designed with things which define the person. All you have to do is answer a bunch of questions about them, share their pictures and let our team handle the rest.

All about you

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Mapping Hearts

‘Distance’ is just a word for couples who connect with each other in spite of belonging to different places. For such couples, here’s just the perfect surprise. All you have to do is share the places both of you belong to and we’ll design it in the shape of a heart, gift wrap it and send it with lots of love. You can also choose to customise the message on the frame if you’d like.

Mapping hearts

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Audio Greeting Card

Make your anniversary gift a little extra cute by adding a voice message to a greeting card. Every time you open the card, the message will play. Here’s a sample video of the surprise https:/youtu.be/dPcIx5LZ-MQ.

Audio greeting card

You can also choose to scribble your own message in the card after you’ve received it.

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Moon Of My Life

Love her to the moon and back? Express it with a unique pendant that will forever remain close to their hearts. You can choose to have a picture of your choice on the pendant. The picture can be shared in the order form after the payment page. This unique pendant is complemented with a metal (antique copper) long chain.

Moon of my life

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Couple Day Journal

Journals are always a good idea for preserving memories. Why not make it a surprise gift for your partner? A Q&A journal provides a question for every day of the year, with enough space for two people to jot down a one- or two-sentence response. It lasts up to 3 years and can be very enlightening for your relationship.


Custom Paper Dolls

A pair of customised paper dolls makes for a very homely and warm gift for your anniversary. It is easily affordable and at the same time cute.  


custom paper dolls


Personalised Picture Cushions

Personalised picture cushions preserve memories and works as cute house decor as well. Throw it on the couch or your balcony mat and there you are: the much talked about personal touch in your home.

custom picture cushions

Activity Book For Couples

No matter how many years or months you have stayed together there comes a time when you need a little spice or an activity book in your relationship. Why not make it a gift for both of you on your anniversary?

couple activity book


Half Heart Mugs

These mugs with split heart are just too cute to not buy for yourself and your partner.

Half heart mugs

Your morning cup of coffee just got a little mushier!


Assorted Cake Truffles

You can never go wrong with cakes! Gift your partner a box of assorted truffles. And what’s more, the truffles come with secret love messages inside.

cake truffles



Love Note Stones Set

Tell your partner how much you love them and why. And your words will be set in stone, literally.

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A Customised Website

Does your partner spend too much time on the internet? It’s time you took them by surprise by dedicating an entire website after them with really amazing features.

love on the internet


LED-equipped Anniversary Card

Regular anniversary cards are boring. Take your romance game to the next level with a card you can literally ‘turn on’ with the flick of a button. Surprise gifts are just getting more interesting day by day. 

LED Equipped card


Personalised Golf Balls

Is your partner a big fan of golf? Then we have just the perfect gift. You can gift a box of personalised golf balls with messages written on it. It can be quirky or very lovey-dovey depending on your mood.

personalised golf balls


A Reel Life Story

When life’s like a movie filled with drama and happy twists, turn your favourite moments into a reel life story. And then make it an anniversary gift.

reel life story


52 Love Notes

Customise a card deck with love notes or pictures for your partner. It’s adorable, affordable and makes for a heartwarming anniversary gift.

Personalised card deck


A Unique Frame

There was once a time when photo frames used to be the obvious choice of gift. Even today, a real photo still holds the charm Facebook tags never could.  How about making the good old idea of gifting photo frames surprisingly special by spelling the name of the loved ones with their best pictures?

frame the name


Anniversary Wine Box

A set of wine box is both useful and affordable a gift. And you can also scribble your own message on top for your lovely partner.

wine box


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