Even my puppy brother cherishes the Rakhi I bought him online!

Rakhi is around the corner and I was so blank initially as to what to get him. 

He doesn’t really understand the gifts I get him anyway, but I had to get him the perfect rakhi. Afterall, he is the one who protects me from everything that can possibly hurt me. He is my shoulder to cry on, my cuddle buddy, and the only one who comes running to the door when he hears the doorbell ring everyday, with the most innocent eyes and his frantically wagging tail, this brother of mine is my everything! 

I remember when we first got him, he instantly won over everyone’s heart. Considering I spend most of my time at work, I wasn’t sure as to how we were going to bond. Or would he even identify me as one of the family members! But one day, when I reached home after a super rough day, he lay on my lap like he was trying to tell me that he is with me to protect me.

That was the day I knew this relationship was the one I didn’t realise I had, but now I knew it was the one I needed the most. 

I stumbled upon Oye Happy, and was going through their rakhi products, and they ended up having a pet rakhi! Without a second thought I found the perfect rakhi for him! This is the one I got.

It had a tiny elastic band so I could slide it into his paw with ease and he doesn’t seem to mind wearing it either. He still isn’t gonna understand what the rakhi is, neither is he going to understand any of the rakhi rituals, but as his older sister, I want to do everything to make our first rakhi a special one!