Gifts Each Harry Potter Character Wants From You This Christmas!

Yes! We know Hogwarts is not real. But what if it were? What if you had gotten a letter to join the wizarding world? And now with Christmas around the corner what if you were looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for your professors and your friends? The idea is more than nice, isn’t it? So we can take it further and choose a gift for everyone in Hogwarts! Let’s go you muggle-born witch (or wizard).


Professor Minerva McGonagall

The pointy hat and cat-like sharp eyes! The first things that come to our minds when we think of Professor McGonagall. The second thing is the strictness. Boy! She can be scary when she wants to be. And we are thinking if she had gotten a muggle technology called the CCTV camera in the classrooms, she would be beyond relief. What with Granger and her minions raising trouble all over Gryffindor!

We are sure she would greatly appreciate it if you gifted her a bunch of CCTV cameras. Stolen from the market with the Obliviate charm. Who needs money when you got magic!



Professor Snape

A perpetually dismal face and a heart of gold. Professor Snape who always walked around as if he had an enormous grudge against this whole wide world. But always came to rescue when his students needed rescuing. So cute!

He could probably make good use of a smartphone to keep tabs on his students. Imagine him going “The potter boy is at it again, jumping on that bloody tree. And the fool thinks it’s fun to make a boomerang out of it. This is the last time, I am not going to save him from this idiocy again.”

Professor Snape

But here is the catch, you will probably have to buy that Potter boy a phone too. We all know he is Snape’s favorite!


Professor Lupin

This one is easy. Just buy him a tennis ball or a frisbee.  And teach him to play fetch. It will keep him busy in the full moon nights and he won’t try scratching the life out of people around him anymore. And we are pretty certain he wouldn’t mind the humour.





What would Hagrid like for a Christmas gift? We think it is a special tea kit that will make him Hagrid happy! Yes, that is a term we invented. Because have you seen anyone happier than a Hagrid drinking tea?


Professor Dumbledore

Dumbledore has everything, except for maybe a trimmer. But don’t get him that, he wouldn’t use it anyway. That off the table, we don’t think there is anything you can gift him other than being an exemplary student of Hogwarts! You got this, you brilliant witch (or wizard!). But do secretly party with him. He would love that very much. Oh! You didn’t know? Dumbledore loved partying! Discreetly of course.



Harry Potter himself

This one is as easy as getting a gift for Professor Lupin. Get him a pair of contact lenses. Trust us, he will soon start hanging out with you.




Books and more books! As many as you can afford to get her. And a pair of specs as well. She will need them soon.




A box of chocolates and a pair of tuxedos for the next ball Hogwarts is going to host. He would love you for it.



Luna Lovegood

Just be her friend! And a bloody good one. And we are sure she would never ask for a better gift.


Neville Longbottom

Neville could probably use a guide to talk to his lady love. We mean wouldn’t you have loved seeing more of Luna and Neville together? We would have, for certain. Only if someone had gotten him the courage to talk to the love of his life. Or a guide!

neville and luna


Nearly Headless Nick

Sir Nicholas probably wants nothing. Given that he is dead and he doesn’t really need anything. But do you think, as we do, that could use some fevicol? For his neck of course. Yeah! You could definitely try that for a Christmas gift we suppose. Couldn’t harm, could it?


A Sock!