Incredible Birthday Surprises Your Girlfriend Will Actually Love.

A bouquet of roses, a birthday cake with her picture on it and a romantic candlelight dinner is all that you can think of to surprise your girlfriend on her birthday? You want to do much more than these and make it special for her, but finding the best way to surprise your girlfriend and manage it in your budget can be a task. To help you with the dilemma you face in getting the perfect birthday surprise for your girlfriend, we’ve a list of unique surprises across India.

Now plan an entire day of surprises on your girlfriend’s birthday and make her fall in love with you all over again.


Things that cannot be expressed in words or cards are better done with songs. Send a bunch of professional musicians to her doorstep to wish your girlfriend a happy birthday in the most magical way, she’ll remember for a lifetime. A private concert to begin her special day will make her fall head over heels in love with you.

birthday surprise for girlfriend

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8:00 a.m

And keep the surprise game going by waking your girlfriend up to a room filled with 100 colorful balloons with all her favorite pictures tied to the strings. Trust us, she’ll be aww-struck to wake up to something as incredible and vibrant as this.

balloon surprise for girlfriend's birthday

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9:00 a.m

Have your girlfriend answer the door to a mysterious giant gift box. The moment she pulls the ribbon and lifts the lid, watch her squeal as dozens of balloons fly out of the box! Once she peeps inside, watch your girlfriend get more surprised to find a bunch of neatly wrapped gifts from you, waiting to be opened.

giant gift box for girlfriend's birthday

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9:30 a.m

And just as your girlfriend thinks that her birthday can’t get any better, send a cute, fluffy, giant teddy to give her the most special hug on your behalf.

giant teddy birthday surprise for girlfriend

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11:00 a.m

Let your girlfriend know the day is going to get exciting with every passing hour, by picking her up in a chauffeur-driven BMW. The moment she steps into the car, blindfold her, hold her hand and let her keep guessing what’s next.

birthday surprise for girlfriend

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12:00 p.m

Drive to a private airstrip and lead your girlfriend into a private chartered flight. The moment you’re in the air, cut her birthday cake hundreds of feet off the ground. By now we’re sure, she’ll be amazed at whatever is happening.

private flight birthday surprise for girlfriend

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2:00 p.m

Imagine taking your girlfriend to a restaurant where everybody is going about their business. Suddenly the music starts playing. The guy who was sipping on coke a minute ago gets up and starts to dance in front of the special one. Soon almost 8 people are dancing with him. The song happens to be one of your favourites, the choreography is amazing and the entire performance is centred around just around her. Take her truly by surprise by hiring a private flash mob to wish her.

best birthday surprise for girlfriend

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5:00 p.m

Take your girlfriend out for a movie, make her sit through the interval on the pretext of waiting for an interesting commercial, and watch her jaw drop in surprise at the sight of her own photo and a message on the large screen!

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7:30 p.m

End the day with the most romantic dinner by the poolside, relishing heart-to-heart conversations.

surprise for girlfriend

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