20 Naughty Anniversary Gifts To Make Your Man Blush

Why should guys have all the fun? As if flirting, pampering the lady with romantic (and sometimes not-so-romantic) gifts or getting naughty is their territory. Though we girls ain’t complaining it’s about time we join the fun. Go bold, turn his cheeks scarlet and take the lead. Here are some naughty anniversary gift ideas for your man he would love, even with his red face.

So put on your lipstick and kink it up, gals!


The Sexy Board Game

Roll the dice and win a hickey from your partner. Or you can choose to lose and give him a lap dance instead. Gift him a board game with four sets of cards called truths, dares, 7 second challenge and redeemable coupons.

dice and spice

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An Inappropriate Card

Send him this card and let him know how often he pops into your thoughts. This makes for a naughty anniversary gift and honestly, it’s darn cute.  A lot more naughty and unique gift cards, like this one, is easily available on this site. Scroll down for the link

inappropriate card

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Adult Dare Game

It is a game with no rules so that you cut to the naughty part promptly! A stash of sensual dares ranging from role play to lap dances to set your mood. The coupons are sealed inside envelops and each time you open one, you do one!

our dirty secret

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Edible Body Paint

Make him a work of art and relish your masterpiece. The body paint comes in strawberry and champagne flavour. What are you waiting for then? Scroll down, click on the link and get it now.

edible body paint

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Coupled Mugs

Pumpkin spice or vanilla creamer! Well, here is another way to spice up your cup of coffee. This pair of mugs is designed for couples with funny boners… oops, we meant funny bones, holding their partnership up. Scroll down for the price.  

Coupled Mug



The Naughty Wall Clock

A time to work and a time to work harder! What’s better than a titillating wall clock to keep watch 24*7?  

sexy wall clock



Indecent Proposal

Get this love contract for him to make him do your bid (basically cuddle and make out!), for life. The gift comes with two sets of contract: a make-out contract and a cuddle contract. Each contract has justiciable (the jury will always be in your favour of course!) clauses stating a list of terms to be fulfilled by your partner. Always and forever! Scroll down for the price.

Love Contract

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Kamasutra Wall Art

A modern guide to pleasures of the flesh, in pictures!

kamasutra wall art



Another Set Of “Ahem” Mugs

Scroll down, look at these mugs and say nothing!

nestling cups



Scented Candles

Scented especially for your special needs!

scented candles



A Naughty To Do List

To do lists keep you organised. But this one might keep you messy for quite a while.

Naughty to do list

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Another Naughty Game

Always place drink and game in harmony. It shall lead thee to warmth and ecstasy. – Baba Kaamdev

Instead of the regular drinking sessions, play this drinking game and watch your partner’s secrets come to light! Each card has a hilarious and naughty admission such as, “Never have I ever done a striptease in front of a mirror”, etc.

never have i ever

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Doesn’t he look adorable with that nose rapidly turning red?



In-famous Quotation Cards

That great personality whom everyone quotes (most times wrongly!) once said, If you think he is booty-ful, let him know.

naughty cards

So do let him know how he is always running (shirtless) in your mind.



Naughty Coupons

We know you feature him in your wildest fantasy. It’s time you make him a part of it.

naughty coupons



A Special Edition Notepad

Let him know how you like it!




Printed Pillow Covers

Get these pillow covers in ‘naughty print’ and display your devilish thoughts, with pride.

pillow covers



And A Bedspread Too

Get a matching bedspread in ‘dirty print’ (complements the ‘naughty print’ nicely!).

Bed sheet



Lastly, Some Kinky Stuff

You can always gift him a bunch of kinky stuff and enjoy watching him squirm adorably.

kinky handcuff

Surprise your man with these saucy gifts and keep him wanting more. If you have other naughty gift ideas let us know in the comment box.

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