Our long distance marriage


My husband and I have known each other from our high school days. We were friends for the longest time before we realized we were really made for each other. So I suppose we are what they call ‘high-school sweethearts’. We had our lives all planned out. We decided we will concentrate on our careers first and then marry, but parents as always had different plans (which was marry NOW). Long story short, we were married at 28 and stuck in two different corners of the world. My work is in Dubai and his in Germany. It is hard being married and live in different continents where you only see your husband twice a year. It is twice as hard when you are in a strange country and there is no family, friends or something even remotely familiar to lift your spirits.

Once I was having a terrible week at work and as a result I was a grumpy cat whenever I spoke to my husband. The next day at work a parcel arrived for me. I was stunned to see a gigantic bouquet and a little note from my husband. I don’t know why, but it instantly made my day better. I am not a romantic person, in fact I am the Grinch of romance but this melted my heart just a little. Being in love thaws even the most indifferent of hearts I suppose. Anyway all through that week he kept sending me little goodies and the worst week of my life just became the most romantic week of my life. I still am not a big fan of PDA or grand romantic gestures, but I secretly wait for the next surprise my husband is going to plan for me.