Sometimes it’s about dirty dishes


Being a slob is judged too harshly these days. Geniuses to creative masterminds have been slobs too.I’m just lazy and perfectly happy to be so. For years my mother harped about me never finding a boy because of this so I thank my stars every day for being able to find a guy who was just as messy. For all our sloppiness, we still fought about the mess even though the cleaning only happened when the house finally looked like a garbage dump. My boyfriend hated doing the dishes and I hated doing the laundry, so it was an unwritten pact that I do the dishes and he the laundry.

I had to meet my parents and be home for a month once. I left with the apartment looking fit for human inhabitation. Nothing too fancy but not too frightening either. I had an amazing time eating home-cooked meals and being pampered by my family till my boyfriend called to let me know that the dishes had not been done for a month and the sink was overflowing and that the house had not been swept. To have called me livid then would have been an understatement. I yelled about the dirty dishes for an hour and hung up.

I had a mental speech ready about women and how their purpose in life was not picking up after their boyfriends.  So, I entered the apartment expecting the worst and imagine my surprise when I saw an apartment that was spic and span. I could not recognise it myself. Everything was in its place and there was a even a faint floral smell to the house. But the best part was that there was not a single dish in the sink. He did it all in between his busy schedule and had to spend a sleepless night to get it that sparkly clean. I was so happy and guilty that I nearly cried. Hands down, this was the best surprise I ever received. Sometimes it is not about dates or gifts, sometimes it’s about who does the dishes for you.

– Mukta