Surprisingly fun (and non-tested) ways of killing boredom in train

Statistics (yes..t he very same statistics that say that 93.5% of all statistical figures are made up on the spot) say that there’s a 97.1% possibility that you’ve traveled at least once on an Indian Railways train (and have spent at least 246 hours of your life booking tickets on IRCTC). There’s also a 99.45% possibility that you’ve gotten bored at least once during the journey(s) and that’s the inspiration behind this edition of Hum Do Hamaare Paanch!

Here’s how you can surprisingly kill boredom during a train journey:

1) Handover a flight ticket to the TT when he comes to check the tickets. Tell him that you missed your Indian Airways flight so you decided to catch the Indian railways instead. Don’t forget to ask for a reimbursement of the balance amount!

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2) Do a service to the society. Since the toilets in trains are invariably unclean, write Yahaan peshaab karna mana hai’ outside all the bathrooms. A little action can go a long way!



3) Pull out a plastic comb and try making all the fans work. Bizarre as it may be, it is the only way you make fans to work in the train.
4) Before boarding the train, count the number of wheels in the train. If the number of wheels, for instance, is 634, then go the driver’s cabin and demand to see his driving license for a 634-wheeler!
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5) Let’s finish noise pollution once and for all. Get some mobil oil in good quantity. Pour it in the noses of whoever snores too loudly. If you yourself have the habit of snoring, pass the oil on to the person sitting next to you!