What gifts to buy for a memorable wedding proposal

We love weddings! The love, the feasts, the music and the dresses. Everything good rolled into one D-day. Weddings are a blessing to mankind (yes, we would go that far to defend our favorite ritual of the era). Yet like everything good it comes with a lot of effort. But first, it starts with a proposal. With proposal comes the jitters, the anxiety, the mad search for a perfect ring and the pressure of choosing the gift for your would-be better half. As you know, gifting is our forte and today we are gonna tell you what to choose for your spouse as a wedding proposal gift.

Think about making the proposal itself grand enough to be a perfect gift. If your partner is the kind of person who likes grand celebrations that is. You can take your would-be spouse on a private chopper ride and propose her while you are sailing the sky or you can choose to plan a romantic dinner date in an exclusive hotel wing and throw in a private music band (Get it here). Music makes everything so much better. Or dance! Yes. You might want to plan a flash mob and dance your heart out to propose to the love of your life. Proposal flash mobs are magical (Just look at this and you will know what I am talking about). And they are sure to stun your partner into giggles of happiness. Better yet have us hold the biggest proposal card at the end of the flash mob instead of asking them ‘will you marry me’ while being out of breath from all the dancing.

15 feet of happiness

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Grand proposals usually work for people who don’t mind crowds or being the centre of attention. But if your partner is someone who is introverted and shy you might consider a more intimate setting to propose. You may choose to take your partner to your favorite spot and open a bottle of wine for just the two of you. And of course the proposal gift to make it memorable.

A will you marry me card is an obvious choice for a personalised wedding proposal gift. You can add personalised letters to make it more thoughtful and romantic.

7 vows

Instead of letters you can also choose to go for a love note aesthetically decorated with glass bottles.

message in bottle

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If you are a guy and you are choosing a proposal gift for her, then you can always go for a personalised pendant. They are really diverse to suit your would-be bride’s taste – vintage, heart pendants or even mystical.

Moon of my life

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Personalised pieces of jewelry are the best kind of gifts for any occasion.

A picture frame is another gift that is intimate and you can also let her know how much you cherish your memories together. And there are so many kinds of frames- versatile, picture clip frames, the frames that light up when you want it to or you can even go for a digital portrait in a classic frame. Below are some examples you can choose from.

lovingly yours

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memories in spotlight

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digital portrait

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Make your proposal memorable with these gifts, for your partner and for yourself. So, we hope you are giving your jitters a rest and rushing to buy the perfect gift for your ‘chosen one’!