13 Perfect Gifts To Give Your Spouse On The Night Of Your Wedding

Congratulations on your wedding and the fact that you’re reading this article proves that you want to ensure that the first steps in this new life are taken just right. Buying that perfect Wedding Night Gift is always an interesting challenge. You can pick something romantic. You can add a dash of naughtiness by getting a board game. You can write a letter with 7 promises you wish to keep forever. Or you can get outrageously bold and buy edible lingerie or a toy.

The choice of that perfect gift for first night depends on a multitude of factors. It depends on how well you know the person and the phase of relationship that you are in. The gifting equation can be severely different between couples who’ve dated for several years and those who’ve just known each other for a few months. The choice of gift also depends on the nature of your partner.

So we’ve handpicked some of the most unique and diverse ideas you can use to surprise your spouse with. Some of these gifts can be bought online from gifting websites such as Oye Happy and a few of them can be organised by you directly with a little bit of creativity and initiative.

A handwritten letter

The concept of ‘chitthi’ can never go out of fashion. There’s something refreshingly romantic about reading a letter from someone who cares about you. Use this first night as the opportunity to remind your spouse that you will always be around for him/ her. Take a trip down the memory lane. Share the little nuances that you love about your spouse but never cared to actually mention it. Make a promise to give up on a bad habit that he/she finds annoying. Flowers and chocolates may create momentary happiness, but a letter is preserved for life.

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Make a wish list of things you want to do together

Marriage is a lot more exciting when you have things to look forward to. In every successful marriage, it’s important for couples to participate in each other’s hobbies and passions. If she has always wanted to learn Salsa, then maybe you should sign yourself for it with her. If he’s always wanted to do bungee jumping, then he expects you to at least give it a try with him. Begin your first night with a list of things you want to do together over the next one year and you’ll be amazed at how exciting this conversation can get.

Write 7 modern wedding vows for him/ her

Making a promise is one of the most romantic gestures any couple can do for each other. Gift your spouse the assurance that you will always be there for each other (except when your favourite show is on TV). Here are a couple of ideas on how you can craft the cutest promises for your better half.

I promise to stay quiet when you want to stay alone, hold your hand when you need someone, tell you a joke when you are sad, sing for you when you are bored, dance for you if singing doesn’t help, make you maggi when you are hungry, order for food online when the maggi gets burnt and get you ice cream whenever life seems bitter, no matter what time of the day or night it is.

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Gift a performance

If it’s the thought that counts, then why don’t you do something to make your spouse feel truly special on the first night? If you have a few weeks to go for the wedding, how about learning a music instrument and playing it for him/ her on your first night? You can sing a song. Or do a private dance performance.

Gift a redeemable vacation voucher

You can pre-book a resort for a weekend or book a couple of open air tickets to Maldives and make that your first night gift. Your partner should be allowed to redeem it for a vacation anytime he/ she wants. the best Wedding Night Gift ever.

Play a personalised radio show in the room

So this is how it works. Share with us details about the person you want to surprise – nature, likes, funny memories, quirks – and we will create a custom radio show just for the two of you. The show, recorded by a professional voice over artist, will be emailed to you so you can play it on your phone or audio system. All you have to do is get your loved one comfortable, hit the play button and watch them laugh, blush, go nostalgic and maybe even cry at the same time.

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Get a naughty board game for the night

While we get carried away with all sorts of romantic ideas, let’s not forget the fact that a wedding night, after all, is meant for physical intimacy. Add some extra entertainment to it by getting a naughty board game that the both of you can play together.

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Get a portrait designed of the both of you

If he or she’s one with an inclination towards art, win their love with a portrait of theirs.

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Gift a handmade scrapbook

Women, more than men, love treasuring memories in the form of photographs. Get a handmade scrapbook with her beautiful pictures and memories from the first day you met her to the first chat.

Raise a toast together

Wedding can be an exhausting affair and being pushed straight into the first night after all the hard work can get a little overwhelming. Buy an expensive bottle of wine or champagne and raise a toast together as a couple. Sometimes, letting your hair down is the best way of ensuring a memorable night.

Gift a romantic hamper on your wedding night

When there are too many options and you’re not sure about what to pick, the easiest thing to do is to get a personalised first night hamper designed with a healthy mix of romantic, funny and naughty gifts.

How about something funny instead?

A couple that laughs together, stays together. Tickle your partner’s funny bone with a prank gift so that you can begin the night with a hearty laugh.

Create a romantic ambience

Why must the rooms on wedding night be filled with gaudy decorations and a million rose petals? For an evening as intimate as this, shouldn’t the ambience be relevant to the both of you too? Surprise your spouse by turning your hotel room into a vacation spot. Use cushions, candles, champagne, photographs, gifts, chocolates and maybe a projector to watch your favourite show on.

For more romantic gift ideas for your wedding night, you can visit www.oyehappy.com

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