My mom sat up all night baking

Conspiring with each parent to surprise the other on their wedding anniversary is always one of the fun-est things ever.

But this year was rough at home. My decision to come out to them devolved into an Indian soap of tears, drama, confusion and a whole lot of denial.

Being different is difficult enough, even with the support of one’s friends. Mom and dad were my first friends, and now they couldn’t speak properly to me. The anniversary prep, of course, sank. My planned dinner ended up in a public argument, and I was in no mood to help out with the cake.

My mom sat up all night baking one, though. And we cut into it the next day half-heartedly. It took us a moment to notice that she had put in the Marriage Equality sign. All she had to say was, “I don’t know if it’s right or wrong. But I don’t think people should be denied what we have because of our opinions. It doesn’t feel right.” I broke down.

This is a woman who struggles with her upbringing to this day. A wedding surprise? Sure, but much more than that. This surprise gave me a reason to hope.

- Arvind

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